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CJEU & compensation claims under the GDPR

20 September 2023
CJEU & compensation claims under the GDPR

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) further clarifies on nature and extent of compensation claims under the GDPR: providing actual evidence of damage as well as of a causal link between the damage and the respective infringement is a general necessity – a mere violation of the GDPR as such does not suffice. However, to be eligible for compensation, it is not necessary that a (non-material) damage suffered reaches a certain degree of seriousness.

Arthur Stadler and Tamino Chochola cover the key issues and impacts of CJEU's decision on legal matter C-300/21 (Österreichische Post) in a commentary in the latest issue of ZIIR (Zeitschrift für Informationsrecht).

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