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In our modern world, we are constantly interconnected through information technology. Electronic commerce – in the sense of doing business electronically – has flourished and became even more important in the face of a pandemic that paralyzed daily life for quite some time. Using electronic means of communication as an entrepreneur facilitates processes, provides for enormously increased flexibility and allows to steadily develop new applications and business cases in the area of distance selling products and services.

However, new opportunities for economic activity and technological advancements go hand in hand with the necessity to provide for increased and specialized legal requirements that have to be fulfilled in order to secure a functional, safe and fair environment for all participants in e-commerce. As those requirements have grown to be rather difficult to handle for the average person, it is not only important to reap the practical benefits of electronic business but also to have a strong partner by your side which is competent to support you in the correct implementation of legal prerequisites.

With many years of experience in e-commerce law, we can be that partner for you and will gladly support you with any issue you might face in this regard.


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