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We have been at the forefront of advising in the field of esports for many years. During this time, we have assisted a diverse array of prominent entities and individuals in the esports arena. Our team comprises passionate esports enthusiast and former professional e-athletes who are driven by an unwavering enthusiasm for this burgeoning industry and all its stakeholders, be it players, clubs or event organizers.

Navigating the legal landscape of esports involves grappling with various regulatory complexities across many disciplines. While event organizers are confronted with questions of event law as well as child protection law, clubs and athletes must adhere to labor law standards. In order for esports participants to overcome these hurdles, competent advice is necessary not only in the various fields of law, but also in relation to the digital industry.

Our extensive experience is complemented not only by our technical knowledge but also our steadfast commitment and creativity. This unique blend allows us to offer tailored and cutting-edge solutions to meet your needs.


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