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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

In business relationships and in private life, disputes frequently arise which seem unsolvable without professional support. We advise clients even in difficult conflicts and work together with the client to develop the optimal strategy in order to be best prepared for unpredictable situations. Regardless of whether proceedings before ordinary courts or in cases of alternative dispute resolution, our experienced lawyers will support you in enforcing your claims or defending against opposing claims.

Our litigation team is always available to advise and represent you comprehensively throughout the entire duration of the mandate. Our focus on tailor-made solutions in accordance with the legal system and the satisfaction of our clients. We strive to resolve disputes as efficiently as possible and focus on practical and economical solutions.

Even before a conflict between parties leads to costly court proceedings, we work with you to find alternative solutions in order to achieve the best possible result for you as quickly and efficiently as possible. This requires profound legal expertise and appropriate preparation. As a specialized law firm, we make use of our industry knowledge in a wide variety of legal fields.

Nevertheless, going to court is sometimes unavoidable. We support you in all phases of court proceedings – from the preparation of the complaint to the appeal to the Supreme Court – as well as in alternative dispute resolution, even in the most complex cases. We prepare you optimally, discuss and develop target-oriented tactics with you and fight for your rights with all available means.


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