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White Collar Crime

Our team specializing in white-collar crime has extensive expertise in navigating intricate legal challenges across state, federal, and international boundaries. We also offer guidance to clients on proactive strategies and compliance initiatives aimed at mitigating the risk of civil and criminal penalties. We advise you not only in general criminal law matters and especially in the area of financial criminal law, but also in criminal law cases related to crypto-assets. Drawing upon our extensive experience in crypto-assets and blockchain-based technologies spanning numerous years, we provide not only personalized and tailored solutions but also a wealth of enduring expertise in the realm of crypto-related criminal activities (crypto-crime).

We not only represent you preventively in classic criminal law matters, but are also available at a moment's notice when you need to act quickly (e.g. in case of house searches or arrests).

We have many years of experience in criminal law and criminal proceedings. We certainly take the time to analyze each case individually and place particular emphasis on your needs and goals.

Our seasoned attorneys possess deep-rooted proficiency in guiding clients through every stage of white-collar litigation. This includes a specialized focus on handling cases related to bribery, corruption, money laundering, fraud, tax evasion, insider trading, market manipulation, sanctions violations and extradition claims.


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