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Amazon Dash Button

5 August 2018
Amazon Dash Button

Is purchasing through a push of a button via Amazon Dash Button legally compliant? The Regional Court of Munich ruled: the answer is no, since essential information that must be provided in the case of a payable conclusion of an ordering process at the expense of the consumer was missing, such as the essential characteristics of the goods and the total price. The push notification via app after the order, in which the essential information is included, the court considered irrelevant, since the consumer should receive these information before placing the order. Even the initial disclosure of information when installing the Dash Button can have no remote effect on subsequent order transactions, according to judgment of the Regional Court of Munich.

Dr. Arthur Stadler and Max Königseder, LL.B. have analyzed the ruling of the Regional Court of Munich and have also subjected the case in question to an examination based on the Austrian legal situation: more you can read about it in our blog post (German only).

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