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Crypto stamp 3.0: STADLER VÖLKEL advise the Austrian Post (Österreichische Post AG)

3 June 2021
Crypto stamp 3.0: STADLER VÖLKEL advise the Austrian Post (Österreichische Post AG)

The Crypto stamp, offered by the Austrian Post, is a postage stamp that is also stored in the blockchain as a digital token. This enables seamless traceability of all transactions on the blockchain.

About the crypto stamp

In 2019, the first Crypto stamp came onto the market. The stamp with a unicorn motif was not only sold out within a very short time, it also made headlines all over the world. This prompted the Austrian Post to issue a second edition which appeared a year later, in June 2020. This time, four motifs from the Crypto scene were chosen: honey badger, lama, panda and doge. Due to the continued success, the Austrian Post decided to issue a new edition of the Crypto stamp in 2021 as well. The current edition 3.0 shows the whale, also known in the crypto scene. An NFC-based authentication of the Crypto stamp and higher security standards of the physical stamp were added. In addition, improvements with regard to transaction costs (gas fee) were implemented.

The pre-sale of the stamp was completed after a short time. The Crypto stamp 3.0 can be purchased starting June 21, 2021 via the Post's online shop, in the post offices, in stamp shops and sales outlets, via the Post's collector service and via the Onchain Store.

About the Onchain store

The Onchain store of the Austrian Post is particularly impressive. Crypto stamps can actually be bought onchain via this store. The store has its own address on the blockchain and can also be reached via the Austrian Post's website. The Crypto stamp 3.0 is paid for in the Onchain Store with the virtual currency xDai. The contract is concluded directly via a smart contract on the blockchain.

"The Crypto stamp and the Onchain store show that blockchain technology and digital assets are no longer marginal phenomena, but have already arrived in the mainstream. The immutability of the blockchain can be used legally for documenting contracts, and also when a law requires certain information to be made available to the contractual partner on a 'durable medium'", says Oliver Völkel, founding partner of STADLER VÖLKEL about the Onchain Store.


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