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FeSR and Stadler Völkel Rechtsanwälte cooperate on the subject of esport

20 April 2020
FeSR and Stadler Völkel Rechtsanwälte cooperate on the subject of esport

The Research Center for Esports Law of the University of Augsburg ("FeSR") and the law firm Stadler Völkel Rechtsanwälte concluded a cooperation agreement in March 2020 to advance the topic of esports law in the entire German-speaking region jointly. The focus of the collaboration is above all the exchange of information between practice and academia as well as the organization of mutual events, such as the "Symposium: Esport and Gambling".

The FeSR is an independent institution of the Faculty of Law of the University of Augsburg under the direction of Prof. Dr. Martin Maties. The aim of the institution is to conduct legal research in the field of esports. Furthermore, the FeSR sees itself as a contact for politics, ministries, associations and companies.

Stadler Völkel Attorneys at Law is a business law boutique that also specializes in eSports and video gaming law. The firm advises various Austrian stakeholders within the eSports industry, including tournament organizers, eSports organizations and eAthletes, as well as betting operators.

"The increasing professionalization of eSports leads to legal issues that are often cross-jurisdictional in nature. This requires cross-border exchange and cooperation with colleagues who are just as passionate about the topic as we are. We are all the more pleased about our cooperation with the FeSR, which is doing impressive pioneering work in eSport in Germany and beyond. From an international perspective, together we would like to take eSports to the next level," says Mag. Urim Bajrami, attorney at law heading the eSports practice group at Stadler Völkel."

"Esports is a global phenomenon. If one wants to make it accessible through research, an exclusively national approach is out of the question," says Prof. Dr. Martin Maties, director of the Research Center for Esports Law. "Even before we became active, the Vienna-based law firm Stadler Völkel Rechtsanwälte had already devoted itself to esports in various projects (e.g., in collaboration with the University of Vienna). This led to an early exchange of ideas regarding the legal implications of the industry. This was always enriched by the combination of practice and academia. We are therefore delighted that we can now put this collaboration into solid form."

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