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Legal Crypto Summit 2022

16 Mai 2022
Legal Crypto Summit 2022

On 12 May, our event "Legal Crypto Summit 2022" was held in cooperation with the University of Vienna on the topic of crypto-assets and the legal framework five years after the boom at the top floor of the Juridicum Vienna. You can watch the full recording of the event below.


  • Prof. Christian Piska - DLT & MiCA - Is a crypto ban looming in Europe?
  • Prof. Thomas Ratka - Circumventing the sanctions regime with crypto-assets.
  • Prof. Gabriel Kogler - NFTs: Tokenization in Civil Law
  • Dr. Bianca Lins, LL.M. - Cyber security in crypto-assets and proposal of a regulatory approach
  • Dr. Jeannette Gorzala, BSc - Regulatory legal framework of crypto investments.
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