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Package Travel Act ("PRG")

5 August 2018
Package Travel Act ("PRG")

Right at the start of the holiday season, the vacation mood has also taken hold of the legislation – as of July 2018, the so called Package Travel Act ("PRG") has become effective. Its purpose is to grant more "holiday protection", since the PRG provides a detailed breakdown of the responsibilities between tour operators/travel agents and travelers for all package tours booked after 30 June 2018.

This law applies to vacation packages, i.e. package tours which are offered by many companies. Those packages combine at least two travel services, e.g. transportation, accommodation, car rental and other tourist services.

The PRG aims to shed some light on the complications that occur when booking such package tours.

It's always good knowing what options one has, should the summer trip suddenly get cancelled or should shortcomings occur.

Andreas Pfeil, LL.M. and Max Königseder, LL.B. have summarized the most important information for a relaxed holiday in any situation in a comprehensive 3-page guideline: LINK (German only).

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