STADLER VÖLKEL Rechtsanwälte GmbH (HIGHLIGHTS 6 min): Hate on the Net

14 January 2021 (HIGHLIGHTS 6 min): Hate on the Net

On 1 January 2021, the Hate on the Net Prevention Act came into effect. This legislative package has been the subject of our rooftop.talks twice last year. On 17 December 2020, Mag. Karoline Edtstadler, Federal Minister for the EU and the Constitution, media attorney Dr. Eva Hammertinger, and Dr. Arthur Stadler, attorney and partner of Stadler Völkel Attorneys at Law, discussed the new package and the changes it brings for online platforms and users.

Follow the link to watch a short clip showing the discussion highlights from 17 December 2020.

Special thanks to Der Standard, moderator Lisa Stadler, the Domotion video team, and Attorney Ms. Eva Hammertinger.

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