STADLER VÖLKEL Rechtsanwälte GmbH (HIGHLIGHTS 7 min): NFT projects by Austrian museums

20 October 2022 (HIGHLIGHTS 7 min): NFT projects by Austrian museums

On 7 September 2022, our on the topic of "NFT projects by Austrian museums" took place on the roof of the Offenes Kulturhaus Linz. Our experts talked about how the museum landscape is dealing with the new technology, where there is a need for improvement and what new opportunities NFTs offer for museums. The following speakers discussed the topic:

  • Alfred Weidinger (Scientific Director of the Upper Austrian Landesmuseum Linz)
  • Bernhard Nessler (digital artist and member of the digital art collective CryptoWiener)
  • Paula Freisl (NFT project manager and consultant to the director of the Leopold Museum)
  • Sabine Walch (NFT expert and CEO at
  • Arthur Stadler (STADLER VÖLKEL attorney at law) Here are the HIGHLIGHTS from this\_GBioo
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