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Seminar series at the University of Vienna: Blockchain rules—The legal background of innovative FinTech applications

5 March 2024

In the winter semester 2023, a seminar on the legal background of blockchain technology led by Prof. Christian Piska and Dr. Oliver Völkel took place for the eleventh time at the University of Vienna. In this exclusive YouTube video series by STADLER VÖLKEL in cooperation with the University of Vienna, we take you on a journey into the world of crypto-assets and blockchain technology. You will learn a lot from leading experts to discover this new world safely.

The MiCA concept

We start our journey with Professor Christian Piska, who will explain the MiCA concept. You will find out whether the concept has the potential to achieve a breakthrough in the crypto world and which mechanisms protect crypto-assets from interference with fundamental rights by the EU and its member states.

Christian Piska: (German only)

Principles of civil law

In the next video, Dr. Oliver Völkel provides insights into the civil law foundations of blockchain technology. His expertise sheds light on the legal challenges as well as the opportunities associated with the use of crypto assets and blockchain technology.

Oliver Völkel: (German only)

Crypto & Tax

As a specialist in cryptocurrencies and tax, Mag. Natalie Enzinger has created a comprehensive guide to the tax aspects of cryptocurrencies to help you navigate this exciting world. You have the unique opportunity to gain in-depth insights into the taxation of cryptocurrencies from her valuable contribution.

Natalie Enzinger: (German only)

International regulation

The journey through the crypto world continues with Dr. Max Bernt and becomes international. His extensive experience in the transnational fight against crime and in the crypto sector offers a unique insight into the rapid global developments and the associated challenges. Dr. Bernt is able to present this complex topic in an understandable and compact way, providing a practical overview.

Max Bernt: (German only)

Economic aspects

Dr. Bernhard Kronfellner, partner at the Boston Consulting Group and experienced fintech innovator, concludes by sharing his experience and insights on the economic aspects and trends surrounding crypto assets. His perspective will broaden horizons, especially for lawyers, as it enriches the debate with a keen eye on the financial and business opportunities that crypto assets bring.

Bernhard Kronfellner: (German only)

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to benefit from some of the leading experts in the world of crypto assets and blockchain technology.

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