STADLER VÖLKEL Rechtsanwälte GmbH 27: Social Media Marketing Trends

21 June 2021 27: Social Media Marketing Trends

The TikTok boom goes on in 2021. Despite ongoing controversies, it's hard to imagine the social media landscape without TikTok. More and more companies are shifting advertising budgets towards the popular short video app owned by the Chinese Bytedance Group. The hype seems unbroken - where is the journey heading? How does it compare to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & Co? What will prevail? What obstacles are ahead? In Italy, a 10-year-old girl reportedly died as a result of a TikTok challenge, which prompted European child and consumer protection activists to take to the barricades and led to a three-week ban of the platform in Italy. US ex-president Trump even wanted to ban TikTok outright in the United States. Recently, TikTok was accused of collecting biometric data from US users.

After a break due to the pandemic, we are starting an exciting summer with this social media update: On Wednesday, 23.06.2021, at 18:00, we will start again (duration: approx. 60-80 minutes).

On the panel:


Lisa Stadler (no relation to Arthur Stadler), DER STANDARD

We look forward to an exciting discussion!

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